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BodyFullSizeGrandeRing Gauge60Length6"Filler: Dom. Rep.Binder:Dom. Rep.Wrapper: Ecuadorian Connecticut


The Arturo Fuente cigar company proudly presents a new edition to the Rosado Magnum R line of cigars. The Arturo Fuente Oro Rosado Magnum R brings a wrapper change to this line, which features the same blend as the original Magnum R Rosado sun-grown, but instead wrapped in an Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper. The Magnum R cigar appeals to cigar lovers who enjoy a creamier and smoother cigar experience without sacrificing flavor. With a distinctive, creamy finish and elegant complex undertones, this cigar is destined to become another Fuente classic.

Arturo Fuente Rosado Magnum R SUPER 60

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