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Size: 5.5X52


Released in 2009, the Arturo Fuente Queen B is an extension of Arturo Fuente's famous Chateau Fuente line. It is a flavorful Sungrown belicoso wrapped in a cedar sleeve.A medium-bodied Belicoso crafted by some of the most experienced hands in the business, the Fuente Queen B features famously fine Dominican long fillers from the company’s own Chateau de la Fuente farm covered in a dark and alluring Sun Grown Ecuadoran Rosado wrapper leaf. After the finished cigars are aged in Spanish Cedar vaults for a lengthy period, each stick is carefully wrapped in a thin cedar sleeve to promote further aging even after the cigars are packaged for sale.A robust bouquet of coffee, leather, and spice notes with hints of cocoa and almond come together in the Queen’s elegant tasting profile.

Arturo Fuente Chateau Queen B

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