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This sampler contains the following:
1 Classic 8-9-8 (Natural) 6½" x 44
1 Classic Magnum (Natural) 5" x 50
1 Cabinet Selection Pyramid (Natural) 6" x 52
1 Cabinet Selection #8 (Natural) 7" x 49
1 Aged Maduro #20 (Maduro) 5½" x 44
1 Aged Maduro #40 (Maduro) 6" x 50
1 Heritage Puro Sol Belicoso (Natural) 4⅞" x 49
1 Heritage Puro Sol Corona Gorda (Natural) 5¾" x 46
1 Virgin Sun Grown Robusto (Sun Grown) 5½" x 50
1 Virgin Sun Grown Sorcerer (Sun Grown) 7" x 49


Savor the pinnacle of premium Dominican flavor in a magnificent collection. Ten unique sizes express a wealth of nuances in five world-renowned blends. Tasting notes of almonds, leather, dark chocolate, cedar, black pepper, and coffee beans arrive in celebrated Ashton profiles ranging from creamy, mild, and approachable to full-bodied and decadent. Choose an unrivaled assortment guaranteed to impress seasoned aficionados and new connoisseurs equally when you need the perfect gift.


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