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La Aurora Preferidos Hors d’Age has been ranked as the eighth best cigar of 2021 in ‘Cigar Journal’ magazine’s annual Top 25. As the magazine explains, La Aurora Preferidos Hors d’Age is the result of an investment in time and world class tobacco.

The tobacco used in this cigar was grown in 2008, but it was not put into the cigar until 2019. As the magazine states, “Once the cigars were rolled, they were placed in the La Aurora aging room for two years before being released.”

In its acknowledgement, ‘Cigar Journal’ notes that the cigar gives off notes of wood and cinnamon with a subtle nutty flavor. It also develops sweetness of cinnamon and a woody finish. “A subtle leather component and a light kick of pepper appear,” the publication adds.

Launched in 2021, La Aurora Preferidos Hors d’Age is composed of a wrapper and binder from Ecuador and it’s filler is made up of tobaccos from Colombia, Dominican Republic and Nicaragua. With a strength of 7 out of 10, it has a size of 6 x 54.

La Aurora Preferidos Hors d’Age 2020

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