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This box sampler contains one of each:

  • 2012 by Oscar Connecticut Toro (6"x52)
  • 2012 by Oscar Corojo Toro (6"x52)
  • 2012 by Oscar Maduro Toro (6"x52)
  • 2012 by Oscar Barber Pole Toro (6"x52)
  • Wild Hunter Natural Toro (6"x52)
  • Wild Hunter Oscuro Toro (6"x52)
  • Rosalila Corojo Toro (6"x52)
  • The Oscar Habano Toro (6"x52)
  • The Oscar Maduro Toro (6"x52)
  • Altar Q Sumatra Toro (6"x52)
  • Ciseron Edition Toro (6"x52)
  • Super Fly Toro Maduro (6"x54)

Oscar Valladares Collection 12 cigars

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