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SIZE: 6 X 54


In June 2015, the company announced the new Padrón Dámaso, named after Dámaso Padrón—grandfather of José O. Padrón—and the first family member to grow tobacco in Cuba. Damask Padrón left the Canary Islands in 1890 for Cuba.

Padrón’s cigars are noted for generally being stronger and made almost exclusively of Nicaraguan tobacco. While every company in the cigar business does things a bit different, Padrón really has its own way. It uses no traveling sales representatives, far and away the largest company to utilize that model, and has a variety of other traditions. Its cigars are usually box-pressed and the higher-end offerings are sold without cellophane.

Those quirks are gone for the Padrón Dámaso, it’s a milder, round Padrón packed in cellophane. The new Padrón uses a Connecticut-seed wrapper, although Padrón doesn’t seem to want to go on record about where exactly it’s from, over Nicaraguan fillers. 


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