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Size: 5.5 x 54


Since 2003, there have been few cigar companies hotter than Tatuaje. Founded by Pete Johnson, who is also wine maker, the Tatuaje label has become a “cult classic” for producing popular regular releases, seasonal series and sought-after, event-only cigars. Tatuaje is recognized as the original boutique cigar company and continues to expand its already large portfolio to appeal to all segments of the cigar community.

RC stands for Retro Cuba and the cigars were packed with foil covering one half the cigar, a technique used earlier in Cuba.

Founder Pete Johnson says. “They all have pigtails and are medium to full body. They’re not over the top strong, but they have a nice spice to it. It’s more about the flavor than the strength.”

The RC series in itself isn’t new. It has existed since 2015, but only in the US.

The cigars are made up of an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper and Nicaraguan binder and filler.


Tasting notes: Aromas of leather, nuts and whole wheat cookies combine with fruity notes, and pleasant bitter tones like coffee and dark chocolate. A creamy cigar with a light ginger sharpness and full harmony.

Tatuaje RC No. 2

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